Guide to the Fishery



Backney Fishery is split into two with Upper and Lower beats booked separately


Backney Upper

This is a long and easily accessible length of water that benefits from having four salmon cribs to fish from as well as numerous good pegs above the green hut at number 1.

Here, even in the summer months, the fish will sit in the deeper water, tending to be quite close to the bank in the shade of the bank-side vegetation and trees. Species caught the whole length include barbel to 13 pounds, chub to 7 pounds with chub over 5 pounds fairly common. A small number of river carp are caught each year, 17 pounds being the best in recent years. Pike fishing in the winter months can also be very productive with lots of fish between the 5 and 12 pound mark.

The best last year was 22 pounds, the best ever was taken a few years ago from crib 4 at just over 30 pounds. Grayling, dace and roach are also present and in the past two seasons, some decent Perch have been caught. Salmon can be taken on the whole length of Upper Backney with spots like the Oak Tree, Bert’s Hole, crib 1 and crib 4 being particularly good spots when spinning. The bottom boundary of the ‘Upper’ beat is marked by a white tipped post near the stile and at this point Lower Backney begins.


Backney Lower

This is a shorter length of water than Upper Backney with a limit of two rods per day allowed. The fishing at Monument 1 and 2 can be excellent with a huge head of barbel and some very good quality chub almost always in residence.

Bridge Pool on Lower can provide exceptional fishing when the river is up with no shingle bank showing and water levels just encroaching on the mud bank. Above Monument is a good length of fly water and some lovely trout have been taken here in the past few seasons. Again below Monument, between Monument and the Bridge Pool, is a fast piece of water with a gravel bottom, which lends itself to being fished with the fly, whether for trout or salmon. The upper end of the ‘Lower’ beat is marked by the white tipped post near the stile. The bottom boundary for “Lower’ is defined by the bridge piers, known locally as the Bridge Pool.

Wading is required around the lower sections near the Monument where there is shallower, faster water. However, the gravel river bed makes this relatively easy to access. Together with the Bridge Pool towards the bottom of the fishery, the middle and upper sections are deeper and slower running, being more suitable for spinning.

I hope you enjoy fishing this beautiful stretch of the River Wye at Backney Fishery and any feedback is always welcome.